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AFFILIATE PROGRAM referral system

Any registered user of our website is able to promote BITGRID Mining and Trading Limited by using his own affiliate link or advertisement banners on forums for investors, own website or even personal blog. Share your link with your friends, relatives and colleagues; tell them about the company and its benefits, share your own achievements. For sure someone will want to join and make deposit. When people find your information about BITGRID investment project and when they register an account on our website they will become your referrals. Once someone does this we will send an email notification.

Each your referral brings you reward from his deposit amount. Your own deposit is not required to attract investors and earn. Just register account and apply your referral link everywhere you can.

The more active referrals you have the more you will earn - 5% from each deposit!

active referrals
5% from each deposit
8% from each deposit