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  • Bitgrid promotion +10% Welcome to BitGrid.Trade LTD.
    New Launch & Explosive!
    This Company has not even launched yet!
    They"ll be opening their doors April 9th 2018.
    Launch Special Bonus: Invest $10 up to $50,000 and get 10% Bonus! 
    The offer is for the first 200 investors only.
    Excellent long-term residual income potential!
    Grow Your Bitcoins Daily 24/7 Automated Bitcoin Trading Platform.
    No Limitations on your Income... Only you limit that by not taking action!
    Best Regards: Admin Team

    Apr-22-2018 09:39:33 AM
  • Bitgrid Platform is live! The testing is succesfull. Transfer to new server is complete. Everything is ready and the platform is usable to members, registrations are open. Everyone can deposit and withdraw if they want. We would like to notify members to check their main deposits, if something is missing please send a support ticket. Promotional banners will be added soon, and also our main official logo.
    Best Regards, Admin Team

    Apr-22-2018 09:22:17 AM
  • Partial Maintenance mode Dear members, the maintenance is in progress the server change is nearly completed.
    We are refreshing the marketing plan. We ask everyone to not promote the site yet,do not register and do not use the website for payments. Wait for official opening.
    Thank you for your patience
    Best Regards, Admin Team

    Apr-21-2018 09:57:42 AM